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THE LATEST BUZZ: Horror Rules Mini-Con Teaming Up With Central City Comic Con!

July, 2015

The Horror Rules Mini-Con is BACK! After a one year hiatus, everyone's favorite horror-comedy-mini-con will return in full force... in proud partnership with (and grandly hosted by) the Central City Comic Con! Featuring the same crazy combination of RPG's, board games, card games, contests, prizes and more - and now backed up by Central Washington's premiere comic and nerd-con - this one promises to be the biggest and deadest EVER! Check the Mini-Con page or Central City Comic Con's Website for details and announcements... coming soon!

THE LATEST BUZZ: "Parts: Graveyard Shift, the Adventures of Carson Dudley, Book 3" is Now Available on Kickstarter!

October, 2014

It's official - the "Parts" Kickstarter has launched! Get on board NOW for below retail copies, cool stuff, your input for the story and a chance to be in the book! But hurry - the campaign ends Nov 16th...

THE LATEST BUZZ: Chris Weedin to Kickstart "Parts: Graveyard Shift, the Adventures of Carson Dudley, Book 3

September, 2014

Halloween is coming and so is Book 3 in Chris Weedin's Graveyard Shift series! The long awaited (hey, he's busy!) followup to the zombie-bustin' horror-comedy romp "Another Rotten Night", "Parts" takes up the tale of Carson Dudley and Company on the threshold of the Curio Shop - can you say "throwdown?!" Look for details, teasers, interviews, blog posts, contests and (sheesh, if that ain't enough!) sample chapters and more details on the Kickstarter project soon! The project launches officially on October 17th, 2014. Look for updates and sundry on Last Writes, the Official Chris Weedin Blog or even right here! You never know where Carson Dudley will pop up next... but it's bound to be a baseball-bat swingin', corn-dog munchin', monster-bustin' good time!

THE LATEST BUZZ: The Zompocalypse is Here

April 8, 2013

Grab your ammo and lock the doors - the wait is over! Relentless, the Card Game of Non-Stop Zombie Carnage (and Lots and Lots of Shooting) is finally here! At long long last, it's time to unleash the hordes on the hapless, unwitting town of Pittsville and let the race to escape begin! Can you fix the jeep before the zombies overrun you? Or better yet, can you shut off the survivor's last escape route before they get outta town?! There's only one way to find out... and that's by playing Crucifiction Games latest nail-biting, bullets flying, action-packed, edge-of-your-seat zombies vs. humans card game! Check out the full details on the Relentless page and pick up your copy today - while there's still time...


March 24-25, 2013

Crucifiction Games rocked the gaming tables at GameStorm 15 in Vancouver, WA for two cram-packed days of gaming madness. Thanks to all who came out and supported us! We debuted Relentless, the Card Game of Non-Stop Zombie Carnage (and Lots and Lots of Shooting) to screams of horror and destruction (all in-game... okay, MOST in-game), traumatized some Players in Horror Rules, the Simply Horrible RPG and unleashed "The Gospel According to Blackbeard" for the Sunday morning Non-Denominational Christian LARP (always an amazing adventure). Oh, yeah, and if you don't believe us, check out the Chris Weedin interview featured in the Columbian. Dude, we're in the paper!

THE LATEST BUZZ: Relentless is Funded on Kickstarter!

December 12, 2012

A HUGE thanks to everyone who backed the project and got the Zompocalypse off to a flying (screaming, shooting, running, drooling) start! Look for the game to ship in first quarter 2013 - advance copies plus swanky promo cards to all who backed us, and the game proper to follow for all the rest of the brain-hungering public in gaming stores after that. Wanna know what all the fuss is about? Check out the *OFFICIAL* Relentless page for details, sample cards, rules, card list, vids and more!

THE LATEST BUZZ: Horror Rules Mini-Con 2012

October 27, 2012

Another rousing success - meaning lots of screaming, random insanities, wild panic, terror, arm-waving, running around and dying. The 8th Annual HR Mini-Con is done and over, with fun had by all. With its Supers theme, great new location and growing interest, this one day game convention in Yakima, WA was one to remember... except for those who were terrorized into amnesia. For them, it might not be so hot.

THE LATEST BUZZ: Relentless Now On Kickstarter!

October 17, 2012

It's "The Card Game of Non-Stop Zombie Carnage and Lots and Lots of Shoooting" - RELENTLESS! And it's now on Kickstarter (for a limited time only)! Check out the hilarious promo video, pick your pledge and join the fun! Get free stuff, cool Kickstarter-only perks and help us rack up some amazing stretch goal prizes for ALL supporters... including NEW ZOMBIES, FREE SHIPPING, WEB COMIC and more!

The Latest Buzz: Relentless Kickstarter Set To Begin October 15th!

September 10, 2012

Zombies! Zombies! Everywhere zombies...! And we couldn't be happier. Building on the Zompocalyptic fun and success of Chris Weedin's novel Another Rotten Night, Crucifiction Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Relentless, the card game of non-stop zombie carnage and lots and lots of shooting. And we're doin' it in Kickstarter style! Check out the *OFFICIAL* Relentless page for details, sample cards, artwork, stills from the filming of the Zombie Boot Camp movie, vids and more. And when it comes to zombies, more is ALWAYS better!

The Latest Buzz: "Another Rotten Night" Street Release Date Announced!

May 10, 2012

"Another Rotten Night", Book 2 in the nailbiting, action-packed, horror-comedy Graveyard Shift series, will hit stores, streets and back alleys on JUNE 30th... just two short months away! Check out the *OFFICIAL* Another Rotten Night page for details, release party info and a sneak peak at Chapter One!

The Latest Buzz: Gamestorm 14 Convention Roundup!

March 28, 2012

We were never there! You can't prove it! You CAN'T!!! Unless, of course, you read the full report on our News page.

The Latest Buzz: Horror Rules Nominated for Gaming Genius Award

June 30, 2011

Horror Rules, the Simply Horrible Roleplaying Game was tapped as a nominee for Best Game in the Gaming Genius - Fan Awards category. Thanks to all our dedicated and slightly deranged HR gamers for this honor!